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Until further notice all Seminars are offered through CityArts in Wichita.
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J R Cowell Images is located at:
542 S Estelle St
Wichita, KS 67211
Commercial Photography by Jeff CowellCommercial Photography is available in studio or on site.  Jobs are quoted per your requirements and charges range from $85/hour and up depending on the assignment.  If you have a small job don't hesitate to call. 
Auction Sales. Many people have the desire to sell items online but simply lack the infrastructure, time or skills necessary.  J R Cowell Images offers services to provide for those people.  Check out the page about our online sales offerings.
Some folks just don't have time to wait for the next seminar or workshop to come up.  Then again, some folks just prefer to learn things in a one-on-one environment.  And then again, some folks have more specific or special needs, and that's why I offer tutoring.  Tutoring is probably best defined as "customized learning" and that's exactly what you can expect.  You can get tutoring setup to suit your needs and desires, and as close as possible to fit your schedule.  Just click on the link above to see my tutoring calendar and see if we can work out a date for you.  Tutoring sessions are charged at $42.50/hour with a 2-hour minimum.  You can have the tutoring session to yourself or if would like with up to 2 friends.
Professional quality photography requires not only a dedicated and interested Photographer, but also professional grade equipment.  Wedding Photography is an art form that presents demands on the Photographer before, during and after the wedding, and it is the dedication and skills needed to respond to those demands that set some Photographers apart from the others.  You do not need a 'salesperson' providing these critical services for your once-in-a-lifetime event, you need a skilled and experienced Photographer who is appropriately equipped for the task.

When you are choosing a Photographer for your wedding or event it is important to remember that the Dress will be used once, the Cake will be stale on your first anniversary, but the Photos will preserve those memories forever.
Seminars by Jeff CowellWhen you are ready to learn about photography or Photoshop or photo studio lighting or any other photographic topic; check out my seminars.  You can find listings of all active seminars and workshops by clicking the button here, or view a calendar format using the "Seminars" or "Tutoring" buttons on the main menu.
Traditional portrait packages are offered by most studios, but I am not most studios.  Every portrait shoot I do is customized specifically  to suit your needs and desires.

Portrait services are provided at $85/hour with a 2-hour minimum, and prints are available at very reasonable rates.  If you need digital images only, we will make that happen for you, in whatever sizes you need for your application.  Please click the link above for more information and samples.
In addition to the services described above I also host Photo Excursions both in Kansas and in many surrounding states.  These excursions are great opportunities to practice your photography skills while you get to see new and interesting places.  Click the link above to see what excursions are currently available.
Annimation from turntable shoot
All content and photos copyright 1995-2014 J. R. Cowell
All rights reserved.  
Use by written permission only,
Image licensing is available, submit request for any use to jeff [at]

A note about the background photo; This photo was taken in downtown Wichita, KS. 
I had gone downtown expecting an opportunity to get some good sunset shots, but that didn't work out nearly as well as the moonrise shots.